Giant Alaskan Malamute Puppies

One of the oldest Arctic sled dogs is the Giant Alaskan Malamute. They are a large breed of dog and have been a favorite of the Eskimos who leave these dogs to protect their possessions when they go out hunting. These dogs assist them in hunting and fishing as well. As the Giant Alaskan Malamute is a loyal and faithful breed of dog, Eskimos also leave these dogs in their homes to look after their kids while they go out for fishing and hunting.

Giant Alaskan malamute puppies have become a favorite among dog lovers and more people are now opting to give a loving home to a Giant Alaskan Malamute puppy as they are cute, adorable, loyal, caring and loving. Today, there are a host of pet shops that offer Giant Alaskan Malamute Puppies For Sale. You can go to any pet shop and ask for this particular breed of dog and you can see an amazing collection of these puppies. Many people bring home puppies of this breed and take care of them and nurture them and watch them grow to an amazing pet.

Giant Alaskan Malamute Puppies For SaleFeatures of the Giant Alaskan malamute

•    Survive in hard climate

The Giant Alaskan malamute puppies for sale that you will buy from a pet shop relate to a very old breed of dogs that have existed on earth since centuries ago, unlike the modern breeds of dog. These dogs are accustomed to great hardships and deprivation and can survive in the harshest of climate and weather conditions. It is because of this reason that the instinctive behavior pattern and original temperament of the Giant Alaskan Malamute Puppies For Sale remain very strong all throughout their lives. They are one of the most faithful breed of dogs and they are considered to be the perfect companion of man.

•    Naturally have leadership quality

Giant Alaskan malamute puppies belong to a true pack animal group that has a natural instinct to be led and to lead. Thus, it should be noted that you should offer training to this breed as early as from the time it is two months or three months of age. This will ensure that the dog will be led by you forever and not vice versa. This breed of dogs is very intelligent in grasping training and you can train them easily in whichever way you want. The Giant Alaskan malamute puppies are being purchased by a great number of people in all parts of the world as they are the best learners and they are very obedient as well. These puppies tend to follow and obey their masters in every way and remain loyal and faithful throughout their lifetime.

•    Weight

The Giant Alaskan malamute can weigh up to 140 lbs and even more than that. They feature a natural wolf or fox like head and have erect ears. They have a furry double coat with a harsh and weather proof coat on the outer level and a dense and woolly undercoat underneath the outer coat. They also have nicely knuckled and thick padded feet. Their tail rises over their back and is long and very distinctive.

•    Fun loving

The Giant Alaskan malamutes are fun loving dogs, with a great temperament and a great sense of humor. Owing to their incredible intelligence they are also blessed with an independent mind. It is because of this reason that they are able to grasp any kind of training from a very early stage in life. If you want optimum result out of your training then you should base your training on encouragement and rewards rather than on force. You should be prepared, firm and consistent in your training sessions. These dogs learn with devotion and are headstrong in following the rules that you set for them.

•    Hardly bark

The Giant Alaskan malamute puppies for sale grow up to be silent dogs that hardly bark. Even as puppies they rarely bark, thus you will be spared the horror of a constantly barking dog on your premises. They have a friendly nature and greet strangers as long lost friends. It is because of this reason that they are not good as guard dogs but if you want a loving, friendly and a constant companion then these dogs are the best choice for you.